Dalat Trip – on the “no season” days

My original intention to go Dalat in the final in December, then blooming yellow wild sunflowers (heard?) With the flower festival celebrate 120 years of Dalat, but because of busy so I had to leave at 2-9 holiday
Before the decision was traveling I had to learn the information on the internet but ended up arriving goose blind still, the need is still unknown, so I share with those preparing to go DL experiences dew own blood.
Note that the plane goes up every tiny Dalat early check ng sat shaking head for support then, then I sat last day was horrible
1. Take the time?
Dalat should go in the spring before April, it will be very romantic light fog or sun goes around 11.12 and colder months and brilliant wild sunflowers.
Let’s go on the occasion 2/9 morning sun terrible heat, cold afternoon to night, absolutely no rain or dew to lose the feeling of being in Dalat. Sunny skin that burn and fall off as I go so everyone ng measures do not subjective offline.
2. Go with someone?
I chose to Dalat with his mother and brother. That was wrong too.
Her brother up to Dalat playful quiet street, entertainment venues really what point should just point it boring.
Mother hears Dalat long list every hope to see scenes of poetic lyricism or whole flowers are flowers everywhere but the fact Dalat pale green, every little tiny flowers grow wild no way should also dislike row . Dalat is suitable for couples, together, walk on streets strewn with ancient villas or with one group of friends together on a hill that sits chém relax under the cool canopy information.
3. go by what means?
Dalat is very wide, from the other location to the other location is at the 4.5km many tens of kilometers. Dalat back all hills and passes, travel untrained very weird and health to ensure enjoyment taxi trips go, everyone not belittle expensive in a hurry, while I will present to you how come so cheap.
4. Eat what, where?
We’ll have to run through a few places to eat in the list items you have listed Onlydalat, but really nothing special. If say most especially perhaps only just vegetables, vegetables very bold. As bushmeat is probably not necessary.
Eat try artichokes stewed pork soup 1 times to know what actually is not good anywhere, and before eating careful not remember asking price slashed.
Games should enlist pm Ms. Hung eat baked rolls, tasty tonic cheap, shop rolls out no food apart from anything else, until late where no seats. Yesterday I went to Phan Dinh Phung, the taxi is full unfortunately have led to another branch, this angle rolls in Chi Lang but giời cleared then, eat at the branch are all delicious.

Finally I eat at my hotel (VAPOR Villa on Tran Hung Dao), although a few dishes but very tasty cooking breakfast lunch 3 pm, and very cheap too 🙂
5. Wear What?
Weather Da Lat not only cold but bright afternoon sun cold day hot day did not know before. As I go the first day, cool, Thursday 2 and Friday last cold crazy hot. But overall:
Early morning cold as eight months beyond March 2 north to wear thin coat and say no to short shorts
Apart from 9am to 3pm as sunny as summer but still cool wind, can wear summer.
3pm to 6pm reach more cold start, say no to shorts and more thin coats.
If you continue on earth shall wear warm enough but if so intend to climb the scenic Robin Langbiang or bring extra towels or thicker coat, trousers always offline. Today I’m going to wear ankle-length dresses with coats that do not climb too cold to be (m also good cold tolerance).
6. Cafe?
Top Dalat everyone talks to drink coffee, listen to music Zheng blah blah. I also come to shop and Diem Xua Song Vy and the conclusion is not to go at all, especially Diem Xua. Very expensive drinks and extremely bad, no wifi, mosquitoes luxuriant lum, singer true 1 or where she sings funny song, wrong wrong luxuriant music lum, Trinh Cong Son that he heard he could play disturb .
Instead of drinking coffee, morning to go sightseeing along Tran Hung Dao villa can visit the church facilities Chicken. Evening stroll around Xuan Huong Lake, the better.
7. Where?
First of all ng down the tourist map of Da Lat.
In the middle of Ho Xuan Huong Lake. Ho will be left end Dalat Market (flower market, fruit market, clothes market …) should be crowded busy elsewhere also very gloomy. Everyone should stay around there for convenience.
As I prefer to get into the mansion VAPOR Villa on Tran Hung Dao. Speaking as Villa but very simple, building extensions outside scenery gradually over time, it is not synchronized, is what is clean quiet and has many lovely angle to shoot.
There immortal flower garden, rose garden …
8. Where?
As I mentioned, prior to Dalat Dalat thought beautiful, very romantic, very flowery. So expect more than a little disappointed.
Dalat cool climate, but full grown flower grows wild. Liu Xiu little flowers clumped together along the road no one takes her watering should look depressed.
Dalat on a green image, blue and green. But outside the actual Dalat pale greenish pine needles. So looks fade, alignment to tune back up newly beautiful pictures.
This is the airport shuttle EM: just call ahead to ask is ok dentist: 0913 747 430
This is his phone number mostly taxi dropped me, he is fluent way, something well known (including buy discs where reinstalling win: D), the other a taxi drove me throughout North or the wrong path too: 0977006704

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