Dalat Travel hunt in the village tea clouds centenarians (Du lịch Đà Lạt săn mây ở làng chè trăm tuổi)

Cau Dat tea village nearly 100 age is a very different experience and memorable in the city of Da Lat flower.
Waking up early in the morning, after enjoying a warm cup of coffee for people, groups of young love photography moving towards Trai Mat. Dalat cold morning to each breath, the car uphill, downhill, but fog rushed into the steering wheel. These wild sunflowers tie dotted yellow flower, the rose garden wrong results show that people travel less morning colder plateau.

After about 30 km, the Cau Dat tea (Xuan Truong) phased out with a green color on the hills stretching succession. This region at an altitude of over 1,600 meters above sea level, so cold climate all year round and covered with fog.
It is associated with the family tradition oldest tea plantation, making brands famous Cau Dat tea. With a healthy natural environment, cool temperature all year round fog, Cau Dat tea plants absorb the atmosphere of heaven so fine leaf has the qualities superior to the teas grown in other areas. Cau Dat Tea French repatriated processing and exports to some European countries almost 90 years ago.

The sun had not risen yet, dense fog gradually gave way to white clouds hovering over the hill. The group stopped in a clearing and then carrying stuffs, each find every corner to hunt cloudy. New in this corner see intermittent playing very beautiful cloud masses which run on higher grades to choose the cloud angle was draughty away, it is true that hunters clouds! Downwind that look cloudy, hunting beautiful moments of nature, weaving between the dewy bed early tea, feel so small between immense scenery here.
When the sun rises, the green shoots emerge to catch the sun. Tea hills untouched clearer in sight. Somewhere few tea trees “lonely” soaring rise between rows of tea are tattooed to shape. A vast blue stretching to the horizon. When their wool workers in the tea bed was then living in the village centenarians tea back to its normal rhythm.
Those photographers farewell tea hills, the sun do not hand still trembling from the cold anymore, their minds filled with endless blue.
Time places most beautiful hill Cau Dat tea is the last months.

Land Bridge from downtown Dalat 22 km towards the Southeast. You go Tran Hung Dao – Hung Vuong, up to Highway 20 and follow signs to Trai Mat, ran straight to the village of Xuan Truong, and asked the way to the tea plantation belonging to JSC Cau Dat tea.

If you need to rent a motorbike to move from Dalat, ask at the point near Da Lat Market Bui Thi Xuan, Phan Boi Chau … with about 80,000 vehicles per day or 100,000 of scooters.

Weather in Cau Dat morning was cold, remember to bring enough warm clothes, be careful with the electronic equipment being dew water lest. After sightseeing, you back big way, with the Quang noodle shops, bun bo … Xuan Truong people sell for about 20,000 dong per bowl.

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