Coffee farms in the rainy day: Just only the wine!

It rained like this, but when I look at the garden saw the last banana pole suites so that the reason we would drinking drunk so much. As a child, also the rainy season this way, occasionally my dad said that “Come on boy, Let’s buy me a little wine.” What then three out brake pads banana and say it makes us hear three salad. When West hold the bottle about neighbor saw uncle sat there. He told a cheap little shade coffee to a new review of the courtship. What ớn West not only chills the tube mill is drunk or assign West with a neighbor’s son. Bumper contestants sweat (though his stomach very well liked guy)

    An astronomical buy wine trails under huge Asian side of the road. Green moss clinging filled ground, the rain is nothing but slippery slippery. to press the head into the ground bare toes to fall off. With concrete slippers, sandal habit very heels clicked as the ass pants splashed mud very luxuriant lum. On coming home, a flat face, wondering why not call three youngest boy went to buy that every child cry strokes. Three said alcohol must buy drinking alcohol because new daughter delicious. Ghê not flatter me?

    It rained, some native South Central or cook pancakes. Molded pancake pancakes rather than sautéed like Mekong Delta where. Pancakes for dragging these husbands. They bring in outside food culture Highland countryside up always. The other regions, too. Drinking party of many of the new is funny. All the dishes of the region as well. It has recently discussed rowdy drinking culture of the region through several dishes. Establish new Islamic neighbor, a new place to settle down, the apparent stigma surface regions are Asia. But through some drinking party like this way, people know each other gradually. Highlands now have generations of “offspring” of the culture. They mix very natural voice, they inherited the bad ones well enough the domain should form a new lifestyle. In the series Rural Highlands, will have articles about the voice of the Beijing born and raised in Highland.

     From the date of purchase of gantry movement flourished karaoke machine, rainy days like this, people drink to dinner and then come home till late singing someone new. Does not drink anything, they come home to drink green tea neighbors and juicy gossip laugh. Eventually they turn up to sing. The Highlands these days, you do not wonder why they sing offline. They sing to drown fear filled the small coffee fruit fall root, pepper garden died down because of illness …, sing for coal less than knee high grass grow then. Sounds sad, huh? But no rain is dead. Water tables are now very low, pumping water tanks that have few new full time. Rural Highlands rainy day so that.

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