Hamburger – the story about the searching of a perfection from a popular dish

Hamburger is a standing dish at the first position in the list of the most popular dishes in the world. Whether you have never once tasted this dish at least cult has also repeatedly seen it appear in Hollywood films along with hot dogs. At the same time, the story of the struggle between the dishes are originating in the US or Germany also has repeatedly appeared in the newspapers.

The “magic feet” of Leo…

In a year that Barcelona is the world’s number one club in the Championship, with the best player they are honoring is another thing completely understandable and worthy. The Golden Crown of Barca, Lionel Messi is the sparkling diamond, with the unforgettable performances as Bayern Munich or brewed double magic solo against Athletic Bilbao. In the USA’s constant HA sa from the international press was used to praising Messi, impressed me for an article by journalist Hernan Casciari done in 2012. This Argentinean pens do not like Maradona, Pele, for von Messi or a legendary player, which provides comparison of Barcelona number 10 player as … a dog. Yes, you read where not wrong: a dog! But don’t think that this is an insult for Messi, because the truth is completely different. I’m saying narrated the Argentinian journalist’s perspective this in here.
Did you ever play throw the ball with his pet dog? If it is then make sure you understand the way for von Casciari’s famous article “Messi is a dog”. As a child, his family has a pet dog named Totin. A lazy dog to the extent it just short, when there is a long yawn yawn doorbell or both when the thief in the House. But when Totin was seeing a yellow sponge then it like crazy. It want to sponge him more than anything else in the world and are willing to die to get it. When jam Casciari through jam sponge then again in front of the old ones, Totin it constantly in his hands with island eye always fastened to the sponge. In Flash, it’s eyes moved from the sluggish state of a teenage boy big new to British eyes of Sherlock Holmes.
Messi’s eyes also similarly with the round ball. One can talk everything about the style of Messi in off the pitch, with the other going to the weird fashion wing of awards or wear the costume budget when such an opinion the President of Gabon. But within the pitch, no one can deny the talent of the little guy. He played the ball in an upper level redundant, makes people wonder how a modest figure so hidden a great talent to make it.
And if you have time to watch a video on Youtube titled “Messi never dives” (Messi never food), you will see hundreds of mixed ball that Lionel Messi to foul. From the principle of the ball, pulling the shirt, khều foot, hitting … you can find all type of mistake. But despite the deliberately play badly to discourage him, Messi did not fail. If wanted, Messi can totally lay down again and saw his team for an arbitration result punishment and donate to a yellow card. Song everything you do when was trying to head back and keeping the ball in the. Messi’s eyes never leave the ball, like Totin with sponge.
As a membrane to not the laws that FIFA have imposed on the game, Messi play ball with the soul of a dog. A dog would know when you see a car come fall bore toward yourself, or complain to the owner when a cat painting takes its food. A dog never watch TV or read newspapers, not interested whether this important match to the discomfort level would … All of what it is like to simply play with sponge and leave the life. Messi, too, he played as if still in the period of King sports: when the cards have yet to appear, when offside yet to away goals, when the home is not the right thing. Meanwhile, 22 men to just focus on the ball, with the passion of pure and pristine. Messi played the ball with full passion, indifferent to and then you break the historical milestones and brought modern football return to the childhood milestones “celestial geography formed the Prefecture”.
My imagination is not rich as Hernan Casciari. But if to compare Messi with a model that does that, I will for you is a captain Tsubasa in real. The kids ever grow up with football and the passion of comics as I will probably understand somewhat. With Captain Tsubasa, “the ball is your best friend” and must always keep her friends at his side. Japanese guy he always played with enthusiasm, desire and pure love. Captain Tsubasa-like patterns in the dreams of every child who ever started the first match of his life with the slippers, golf column made honeycomb miết plastic balls to chase her until it rolled into “the grid”.
In the manga, Captain Tsubasa finally was admitted at the highest world level when Barcelona shirt and shines in El Clásico. In real life, are there other boys of Camp Nou also considered the ball is your best friend and downloads still do love millions of hearts by his magic feet …

Some words to Farewell David Bowie

10.1.2016 is the incredibly day and a sad day of world music, as witness the departure of David Bowie-one of the legendary live music remains, who along with John Lennon, Freddie Mercury … People that Rock or Pop artists later seems to be very few people not influenced him as Steven Wilson had to grieve says so on his facebook page:
“I was feeling not real upon waking this morning in a world where David Bowie not live there anymore. I can’t imagine any Pop or Rock artist on this life without the influence from Bowie, whether directly or indirectly, which I’m also not an exception “.

Madonna also be uttered: “I feel completely collapsed. This great artist who has changed my life “.
Thus, 2 today, the whole world towards the portrait of the great artist, who in his life, he did the right thing as he’s saying: “I don’t know where I will go from here. But I promise, I will not be the boring “. He made music, he created unique style has strong influence in the years 70-80, he appeared to back a film career is not small … He is the inspiration and role model for many artists and fans watching throughout the five decades of making his art.

Fight against cancer during the 18 months, but he still up new Blackstar album right on his birthday not long ago, the album was critically appreciated. And that album, as a prophecy of his death, David Bowie has come out serenely, and received the death a way of peace family parties as revealed by his son, directed by Duncan Jones.

As Freddie Mercury once said: I will not Rock stars, which I will be legendary. Thus, they, that artists who have become immortal, they will always and forever lies in the hearts of fans, is located in the heart of those artists of later generations. They are the source of inspiration, is the eternal vitality, is the icon never fade away of freedom, the, of art, and the value of pure emotions of the human soul.

David Bowie has rest. Pray for peace, he was a great friend to the other side of him.

Story of a friend of mine

There’s a friend of mine. If I say we’re close, then that’s not. But it’s not right if I said we’re not be close  (Because I have many relationships like that, I don’t know how the call). She told me the real long story about love and sexuality, the family, adultery … of her. Then finally she concluded: “I’m bored too in love, don’t love the best, mild light, people in debt”.
I laughed out loud to her, I recalled less than a year ago, she chose the other. She told me something that kind of support blindly supported my love, I advocate the pursuit of a silhouette that almost never will belong to me. She is still and always will love such dedication. So even though she has said anything then I still believe she loves and back yourself.
Once fall just makes people more cautious until the careless again, and so, we fell that no precautions. The sentiment is that, when in the wide sense, then one way or the other, we love, and love, as only one in the world, only love someone new enough to save me out of the disappointment of this life.
Review for the same why that date her because the articles that look to me, and told me everything, things which people will bury the dreams so it never gets out, because we are the same in the plunge into love as the ephemera, enjoy it and depletion because of it. Love that does not compute, foolish, as if each was a first love.
I heard she is like a wind blowing through the cloud, and then go away, I pushed away a little bit and then go back to back his position. So long after her new look to me to tell, I was always afraid to hear “my family shattered and then” because of her adultery was discovered. I don’t want to judge her life, people have the right to choose how to live for themselves. I just don’t want her suffering, her family. I am especially sensitive to each person’s nest. I always wanted to though one has lost in the maze as the people still have a place to go. Like me, every time I lost for so long, I always have a special person asked me: “did you find the way home?”
I’m just waiting for that, I find I can float themselves, because I always had home to about.
So I always wanted to tell her to “go home, man.”
Short life, we sometimes are not allowed to float her, and to her lost forever, cannot always p.m. wild heart to his love as possible on this life just to have him and his love. The family always there waiting for us, but not forgetting our family, we lost too far and could not on anymore.
I just want to say that, after my friend’s story, never put love up on the family, to when the most suffering, we can go, the only place safe and always ready to defend him. And than, we have the right to his own suffering, but does not have the right to do those who love us are suffering grief because we. That’s the worst thing.

Alan Rickman – Remember of that voice…

The early days 2016 has not yet drifted away and then the world where unfortunately sad again when Alan Rickman, English actor, who has turned the fuselage extremely exceptional in character as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series, has gone at the age of 69, after a period of fighting cancer. He is a talented actor, a massive career includes film actors, stage and television. In his voluminous, have the role to life, making fans extremely cherished and unforgettable. Therefore, he’s brought to my lament, spectators from now will not be seen and heard the voice of his special deposits, a warm voice with sad eyes diamonds Conference.
We remember him for his role as Hans Gruber in Die Hard (1988) as the one who plays the villain of the film. With voice, sharp eyes, a smirk smile full of contempt, he got together with Bruce Willis make up the reputation for Die Hard. A memorable role, impressed Alan Rickman put into popular image for the role, villain as he has several times turned in the later films like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) ….
Face and his demeanor, the mystery behind the smile, and especially bass voice full of mystery that makes him always the dramatic about a man always containing a lot of unspeakable joy. Maybe so, so we can’t forget about the character he plays in Love Actually (2003), a married man but entangled in the ring to the other woman. So we see the portrait of a sad man, always fighting with yourself when inside the substance contains too many secrets. Along with Both Side Now is full of haunting Joni Mitchell, his stories are always the most memorable stories in the film Love Actually.
But perhaps, the most impressive, is the role of goddesses Professor Snape-half-blood Prince in the Harry Potter films. If the female writer J.K. Rowling should build a superb character, Alan Rickman character variables into a beautiful image of love, and sacrifice. As though, it was his character, was written to describe him, and he is the template for the writers to build character. Alan Rickman’s Snape, special and mysterious, very obnoxious, but just extremely miserable. Alan Rickman’s Snape is the very model of man love the world, si guys that are willing to die to protect the child of someone you love. A love is not selfish position, always full of tolerance. An ideal image to we always believe in true love. It was Professor Snape that it is Alan Rickman. Only a role as Snape, well enough to feel sorry we hurt Alan Rickman, the man has a special voice that Kate Winslet had uttered is full of grief: “And oh, the voice’s voice” (“And that voice! Oh, that voice “).
All of us are going to die, most of us will be forgotten after his death. But there are always people like Alan Rickman, as David Bowie, has devoted his life for a lot of good things, and as such, they come alive, a living immortal in the hearts of those who love beauty, love art and love this life.
Wishing you peace, Alan Rickman (21/2/1946-14/1/2016)

What is a mature man?

Women would like to see some men with toned physique.

I must emphasize that toned and healthy rather than to type giant athletes leading body building or character the Hulk. A stout body due to exercise not only makes you wear clothes look more beautiful but also reduce fat ratio on my face, causing the jaw bones exposed, do you face many corners edges and charismatic. If you have ever read the gym makes you beautiful how Manthorbe’s up, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
A beautiful body can only be created by a process of hard training and a strict diet. Dining story still harder both because they are extremely complex.

So you know what to eat to have a perfect body?
To create the body, you need a lot of protein and amino acids (BCAA) (help support creating muscle and prevent muscle decay when heavy exercise). Meat, fish, eggs, milk, soy is the top foods of the rich in protein (protein), in which the amino acids of the protein’s Holy composition. Meat, fish, eggs, the easy to understand but the soybeans again a Tuesday, still makes many men embarrassed. Have the article Rumor says that soy milk will cause you to suffer from infertility, excess estrogen do to breast or abc and xyz. That sadly because the amount of protein available in soy milk is extremely high.

Those who exercise the muscles are the number one site in the world of bodybuilding is In a recent article, they have indicated soy is a good nutrient source no less, if not better than whey-protein was rated No. 1 in the world for the ability to create the body and absorb good nourishment for the body. Even the weakest of the playground, the soybeans for men is testosterone hormones also have been overturned.
Studies with two groups of people use functional food ‘ is given as ‘ ‘ likely ‘ to increase testosterone and the rest use soybeans to see Group 1 not having a substantial increase of testosterone. Rest, group 2 did not have reduced testosterone and estrogen increases expression as what people still speculation about soy.

So, the fear of the man with the soy milk only is superstitious.

Today, the food Maker features the world famous as MusclePharm, Muscle Shake or ON … are already producing the protein products and BCAA with derived from soybeans. The manufacturer also added essential nutrients help enhance fitness, such as vitamin B, C, D3 and minerals (zinc, calcium) and many other flavors on the protein and BCAA supplements. There are SOYMEN of Asia even have both Japanese matcha green tea flavors to meet the needs of this area.

So, with the men working on a healthy and toned body, don’t be afraid to soy milk.