“Fall in Love on that Summer” – Love has begin from a picture

A mysterious painting, a sheet of wind curtain the colour plate books, unfinished in a single room, which is the first impression that “similarities summer year” bring to readers. The idea here would be a sad book about a love affair si suffering would know, but don’t, can for “equivalent summer year” as the cup lemon juice bars cool in the summer.

People love each other, there are hundreds and hundreds of roads. Nguyen Van Phong Do love also, only through a painting. Among the hundreds of files, just soak up the single-color painting River South, just as the vast sea, she vows only Parking option. Not know accidentally or deliberately that the author to name the two main characters into Life. And in love she is and he is the wind.

Nguyen Van as a cloud of pink, in the morning and more daydreaming. But in this architecture student she has points to love. That’s not artificially frankness, the nature does not regret and even enthusiasm in pursuing his love with forums you lock on. Therefore, the image she wears green dresses pink, filled up the door peeking class you want, has never go straight into the parking lot.
Him as a violent wind, but the wind was not even attached the Bush joke funny or beautiful butterflies. On the contrary, this is a cold wind. He mesmerized in pursuit of the ideal, the drawings and the works, leave behind a lot of girls delusion. However, since the meet Nguyen Van, the wind has stopped.
If Nguyen Van originally is because the painting, because hospitality new term approaching and love you. Then, in the parking lot with the sentiments he always seriously. Hard scene trained to Do the style, strong personality. Already have at want to abandon because could not bring to life as United as the dream for her, but he did not give the Palm to let go.

Maybe sometimes the reader will feel a little resentful rather Do style, because he was always in favour of fast, die for Nguyen Van. She did not know the work you will do, she doesn’t, he will teach you about home, England, to the train station from the previous evening to wait, she is too jealous unjustly with his first love, he patiently explained. Because of her, he is even willing to help his employees bullet. Until effort is getting into a good company, it does not want to leave, he chose to give up, and then, as she pursued her dream, he vows Italy stayed waiting two years to study. One reason is that Maple Park, a park on Maple cold indifference, but when love becomes warm again so public, making people not from that little pain but also secretly admire.

If you expect a love story in private hands, or ends, love life before life then maybe “equivalent summer year” is not for you. Because, between the Nguyen Van and Do the unprecedented third-person Style, also has no enmity ends, but the sweet and it was a vivid picture of the architecture student life, do we experience behind the stroke is both a training process, behind the fist stout was once the divide to li. They together forever.

We also have a summer, just as there are people to stay inside, somebody used the word manifest.Maybe that’s why “summer year equivalent” are also located just behind the notes page book, as a gift for readers. Closed the last chapter, hope you also start to put pen to write few lines about the summer of her own.

Secret of the Heart (Kahlil Gibran) – The look of sympathy on beliefs

“I’m searching for the loneliness” because in it there is life for the spirit, the soul and for the body. I find the endless fields, place the light of the Sun, where the flower auras into the space and the place where the streams singing on the way out to the sea. I explore the mountains, in which I found the wake of spring freshness, longing for summer’s colorful, the ample song of autumn, and winter’s gorgeous mission. I go to remote corners hidden in this land of God because I’m hungry to learn to know the mysteries of the universe and the throne of God. “

Kahlil Gibran’s words had set up the mouth of the hidden character of the storm, the story of the 23 pieces made in his book mystery of this heart. In life, people falling into adversity. One, it is a social creature, could not survive if only rely on yourself. Over the other, it is just as true when there are moments of loneliness to deep look back at ourselves and enjoy the experience of his life. Lonely in this case not doused the sorrow-filled quẽ quạnh Rana that is abundant, a State essential to clearly see the secret hidden in themselves, to themselves and to the area of intake manifold.

Mystery heart with heavy thread on spirituality part two context. One is the Lebanon (Lebanon) in the early 20th century, as a piece of land in Syria, under the control of the Ottoman Empire of Turkey, domestic violence. The Maronite Christian Church, despite joining Roman Catholics and while the minority between a Muslim and Druze leaders Ocean, still constitute the majority of the people like Lebanon, especially in the North, there exists a way of pretending things, compromise. In the primitive condition of the population and to stabilize the colony, foreign Governments sought verses with religious officials and the party become double type of political tools serving for the privileged of some people. The context of her deepening sense of the secular and the supernatural prayer of the main character in Giuhanna Man crazy.

The second context is the United States as a country providing the basic liberties for immigrants. On that land, Gibran thought about his hometown of Lebanon are living in the end, poverty and war.With sentiments boiling one’s Patriot and tub full generosity, he expressed earnest hometown love to almost yelled at the same time, his nation mine laments about the inability of expatriates.

The last part of this anthology have two very good products. One is the processions are we mentioned how in his own destiny poet and processions, but this time, the school’s exam is arranged according to be prose, taking “new form”. Iram, Chengdu two towering columns. This is the outstanding plays in the 1920s by Gibran, talk about a city location idea that each person can only find it when doing the practitioners alone, go into my heart to detect it in a rich spirituality and spiritual harmony to his religion.

The pieces of the mystery heart Gibran written in Arabic Language book many years ago (The Prophet-Prophet) but they show the mysterious Oriental focal point in the author’s language, the Embassy move. We notice a Gibran will become immortal with the rich spirituality, the mind active and transparent market, described by an extremely attractive style.

With the self, our personality shows the range of objective and universal knowledge of Gibran, his conviction about the value of beauty, truth, love and God’s constant. He warned that if every person who does not live with the xiển Ocean efforts inside yourself, or sacred as he said was divine, the human species will sa fade into the shadows of a lack of human civilization, to equate the agent with the victim and confusion between values, etc.

About the religious aspect, the spiritual statements of Gibran reveal what see Datong about beliefs, passionate hearts, resolved to devote to probe and interrogation to where to nowhere, until shatter the ego outside and inner fork appears. And devout liturgy is life where the temple placed between his soul, his body itself.

[ Novel Review ] “La promesse de l’aube” (Romain Gary) – Unconditional love

“I used to be a happy ending of my mother.” – Gary Romain finished the autobiography “The promise of dawn” like her. It is true indeed, is a renowned writer, a brilliant diplomat, a true aristocrat, Romain Gary has turned all the longing of a special mother come true. Autobiography that not autobiographical, novel without proper novels, memoirs and even less than a memoir, “Promise at Dawn” is a great story with extremely casual tone that haul Roll, authentic but very lyrical, tells of his life that the protagonist emerges as a novel character, a character so close novel extremely honest. “Promise at Dawn” is a testament to a great personality, a writer of French origin but not carrying the full characteristics of a nation whose literature is always located at the peak of the world, to improve sliding, simple, full of philosophical and deeply humane. And perhaps in all the writings on the mother’s autobiography book written about the best mother, perhaps because the mother of Romain is a role model of maternal love.

There are many things feelings are identified on birth but perhaps nothing sacred motherhood. Because maternal love that a mother willing to do anything for me and sacrificed all for me that sometimes leads to extreme by the child never was big, always outstretched wings to give shelter , caring, always afraid of being marginalized, bullied, always losing their child but could not drop me in life. Mother full of writers have those characteristics of a mother’s love, but besides that, the way a woman is lonely, miserable, abandoned expressed motherhood and how she really upbringing Romain a special icon. How to love her strange child under the common understanding.

As a single woman, the poor, to cover everything bươn profession to make a living but not so that she let her son take disadvantaged in cognitive, educational disadvantage. France is a passionate enthusiast, always wanted to be a part of the French nobility, her head stuffed into his son the best picture dreamy, best of France, the country of Victo Hugo, of Rimbaud, the Minister De Gaulle. France out of her imagination is a precious foot country, the country of the most wonderful people, the best personality. What make it go with her ​​on her eyes a perfect safeguard mechanism term when her original life in Nice

South of France very difficult, or even when France defeated and surrendered to Germany, the the love blindly and ideal for France in her never lost. And the French – her hometown in the future it was to thrust, is the destination of the land of poetry, of nobility, of the true man to let her make a normal kid a famous individual. And it seems she was driven to her child in all sectors expect an attempt to find a natural accident that in their children to make it an outstanding individual, especially two areas of political and artistic. There are two things she wants him to become later an ambassador to France and a distinguished French writer. And Romain’s life is indeed a most evidence for the Buddhist karma. She wants her son to become so, but she did not sit still and prayed. Everything was she thoroughly outlines sometimes slightly exaggerated. To become an ambassador she taught her children the way of the elite, its treatment of women, how to speak and walk … the way her French nationality to children, then do everything profession to make a living but never to son disadvantaged, hungry for it, for it sees its mother needy, and she go to school officers and law school … And to be a writer, she always encouraged and as create favorable conditions for the children to be quiet to write, so the earnest desire to become a writer the reputation it represents a clear and strong that became an obsession for him.

“I feel must hurry, must quickly write a timeless literary masterpiece. Masterpiece which, when turned me into Tolstoy’s youngest all-time, will allow me to immediately offset the difficulties, struggling mother, honoring her life right. “.

The mother of Romain really a man planning genius, one who nurture and formed a talented person. A person turning their children into a desired pattern is probably live forever. – Maybe the way she wanted her son to conquer the most beautiful girl, the most noble, the most prestigious such a way to show success in the life of a real man really special. Not so that when Romain was the only person not be granted the rank of pilot training, he feared his mother’s frustration would make his mother collapsed and he had found a great reason, a reason can only think of one who understood all too well by his mother as yet. He said that his wife’s affair with the commanding officer should have been missed. And indeed, not only did not bother her, but proud, proud of his sons took the command that captured the affection of his wife. The way the mother wanted him to become a strong and masculine like a mirror image of the man but strong treachery gave her away many years ago has made ​​a daring Romain always do everything for women forthrightly and courageously. As a kid when you want to please her Valentine he was willing to eat everything to express themselves, to eat worms, butterflies, and even eat the shoes … I think back to the mother of Florentino Ariza, knowing my love Fermina Daza his son with the blind, is heartbroken, but she has always supported her son’s wounds whenever he talks into tears, mothers hugged children at heart without blame, did not revile the desperate love of their children, and I think the way that woman – the mother of nurturing love my son so very special, beyond sentiments often possessed of ego with the other mothers. – Romain by his energy, by astute in life, with a mother’s love fully, by understanding all the sacrifices his mother has great for him, he has done all that she wished her son achieved. Maternal love of two people has become as a role model in this life.

I have repeatedly seen this book and liked the cover of the book much, but just did not pitch her ​​purchase until you’re introduce a new favorite I made ​​decision to buy and read. And indeed his story had fascinated me completely, love his mother had for him is like a love child in an extreme way that my mother gave me, perhaps Regardless motherhood anywhere there is a common denominator that the only exception occurs because the geographical location, so different in terms of social awareness, several of the traditional values, and different circumstances of life. Romain’s mother truly unique and ideal, but afterall, in many other respects my mother really special and ideal, the way my mother became not situated in an ideal way my mother I created man with qualities as now, that’s the way mother dealing with people to make these children I look at and learn how people, the way my mother conceived the needy, to find ways to help, always sink in thinking to help someone or other, his life never cease to do the best thing for her baby, really ask the favor with my parents will understand my mother is special, and for me, my parents are the greatest people in my life. Maybe so I have a great affinity with Romain, and led me from a reader who loathe autobiography became intoxicated read this book. Having said that, but until now I still just a cotton coat who also do not become the “filial”.

Think of “Moon Palace” (Paul Auster)

Reading is the bussiness that I don’t take much time for it, but I need takes a lot of time for thinking, not to think about the book, but think about life, about the accidental, the irony, the loop, about suffering, about people and about my lonely. Sometimes the grief and helplessness are also greater than the fate, we were born under the stars alone and forever troubled about his destiny.
The main character, Marco Stanley Fogg was in the uncertainties of life, from a child who did not know his father, lost his mother early, Marco does not know his past, everything is fuzzy, you live like the float for everything to come and go, so much so that nearly starved, living as a homeless feeding trash green day , he practiced Tuesday nihilism in an extreme level. I don’t want to go to work, so that only exist to limit the ensuing is death. The casually pulled him from the dead. As to how the world operates, this universe revolve, it revolves round to push him into things happen could not foresee.
The work is rich in quality of a film, that if we are perfectly differentiated collection of three stories, about three men, young guy to die of hunger but not dead, disabled him to change the name of his fate because of the things going to happen in the past that no one can know the real outside himself.In the disabled man, the indication Paul Auster subtly Interlocked to give me enough to feel it really never sure it’s real. Finally the story that Solomon Barber told in a novel that he wrote “blood of Kepler,” the hidden memory of his father has left him to go from baby to mess with what his ego.
Non-physical things continue to exist if we believe what we want to believe. If “the future is the Moon”, we believe in the nothingness, the things in the book of truth to astounded, the link between the three main characters, the unjustified links to infinity, the link to push back the world, just to exist within it, a causal chain.
Is the movie it has fascinating rhythms and storytelling. The point of the story button to open up other stories are very light, without hassle. We’re just caught up in that, in the unspeakable torments of my character, in the madness of his disability, and in the giant obesity body of Solomon Barber.
I really admired Paul Auster, his way to the character Nomad drifting in life with that too big, that cannot be the way out. Each of the characters considered as life is a test, to every person at the final limits of life and death, they escape the binding, freedom, and even live with nihilism to shallow life.
“But I have to work. The morning I woke up like people, and then I find a way to try to live a day longer. It’s a full time job, not a holiday drink cafe, no weekends, no bonus, no date. I have complained, he also see, but low wages too.

Mars and venus – Starting over (John Gray)

A love endure forever is something that we also aspire. But if for any reason that emotional relationship not continue anymore, then you will have to face a new era with a lot of physical disturbance.

The loss, broke in love can instantly transform our life. Although what to do from the beginning, but the suddenly facing the emptiness on the upcoming journey makes it not out of nervousness. I noticed I just lost the most familiar things, sacred, just before future embarrassing not to know. How does the mind in question when the heart filled with suffering.

Please spend some time with this book and realize you need to do to better life. What enthusiasm in his book men of Mars, Lady Venus-John Gray love found again written out after twenty eight years of accumulated experience to advise many people heal the wounds if love breakdown or bereavement.Although there is a different situation, but each has a common is unhappiness in love.

The solutions mentioned in the book each bring good results for many people, including the author himself. The experiences in life help you do better work in consulting, teaching, and more importantly-help John became a husband, a good father in the eyes of the children. The end of the journey beyond escape the pain, he realized that a lot of special gift for those who know the start and looking for true love.

Like to create a new life forced the labor pain, faced with loss, misfortune in life is extremely challenging to find happiness at the end of the road. Pass through this process, we will accumulate the precious life capital for a new life. After a few initial adjustments, everything will be easier, we will soon look back and see that all the pain he is only a memory.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part: Mars and Venus-Do from the beginning, mentioned the basic steps in the process of healing for both sexes. Part two titled: Venus-start comes to the difficulties women encounter in the process of rebuilding a relationship. The last part is the Mars-anew, presenting the challenges men commonly face.

Though the process to heal the wounds of our hearts is the same, but each one again encountering the challenges of its own. This requires each person needs to have insight about his situation, from which the best method option for yourself. Believe that you are never alone, because my life how people fall into the situation as we know it but they’ve overcome. They were living to continue loving.And we would also like!

Men of Mars, Venus woman-found love is the book written by the enthusiasm of a distress heart always want to bring to the wondrous for each relationship, as well as a gift the author wants to send to his life. Expect that it will be useful in the time you have to cope with the hard work of the heart.

“The Piano Teacher ” (Jelinek) – Thirst for life

Almost all of her works are controversial, causing shock to the reader. But they reach a climax.

Born in 1983, but it wasn’t until 2004, after many contrary opinions, fierce controversy, the “girl playing the piano” of Austrian writer Jelinek was the Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Attached is the comment: “The flow of sounds and music-filled audio feature in the novels and plays of Elfriede Jelinek-the extraordinary language with the power to expose the unreasonable of the cliches in the society and the authority reigns”. Michael Haneke, 2001 has put the work into the film and won the 3rd prize of the Cannes Film Festival

The life of the girl Erika

Not unjustly that people argue much about the girl playing the piano. The world of the piano teacher Erika Kohut seemingly very simple but full of color that intense, penetrating aggregates u deposits that hot.

Erika lived under strict supervision of the mother. His mother Erika always viewed her as his invaluable stuff. And she totally didn’t get there one day, her daughter, her property, she can put out, become a different person.

She controlled, grumbled with every moment in her life, each of the dress she buys, her eyes once looked. And night Erika is waking, sneaky spot dress gorgeous flowers, showy that she just bought.While in the room on the other side, the old woman stalking listen to each sound from the room the daughter cới exasperation, keepers of a panic.

The complex emotions

The life he has created a complex between Erika manifesting outside and things hidden inside. Is a girl’s grave, manual feed, cleverly wears her longing secret things of love, sex. Teacher Erika venture leaders sneaky snooping heterosexual couples love. She always brings out the razor to flagellation.

Her relationship with schoolboy Klemmer also brought strange colors like that. It is the human being hindered, torment. They have self released, self made pain yourself and make others pain.

Erika’s story culminated when she returned kại tormenting his mother, when schoolboys used Erika as a brutal sex joke.

And all end when Erika find schoolboys, to plug blades into you. But when looking at you laughing with friends, her back hurt himself, Le home steps, blood flow net on the shoulder.

The strange life

With a flexible style, sleek and … the butter, “the girl playing the piano” peeling the ceiling of what is considered taboo in the cultural life of Austria. Still the way of writing is very unpopular in the postmodern era: since no comments, no emotion. How to tell a naked, not cloaking, hinted, not intentionally create any emotion in the readers. The writer to the reader find stuff, perceiving the written page.

Considered one of the women writers writing in German the most famous nowadays, with so many individual causing shock to readers. The theme throughout her work is women’s sexuality and the conflict of gender. In which “girls playing the piano” is a typical works.

The WarBirds of the female characters in the search process itself, artificially because life must always behave according to the Arab mold pattern, all open the eyes of people reading the world, inner world of strange, new life.