Boyhood (2014) – Intense and poetic

If you have free time, you should go for watching Boyhood more than once to feel the subtle, casual strokes, harsh medium, and relaxing. A point of view clearly, naivete. It gives us little sweet on the tongue, bitter taste in the lips, biting teeth because of emotion, we just can smile, just might turn to cry.Everything is so…simple but we could touch into our sense.

Memories of childhood are always intense and poetic. You will smile alone in full swing with what was experiencing and then see, cute and great to have things so upset. Anyone looking forward to have a ticket back to his childhood, to fix, to relive the time fondly do not worry and that is also the premise for every stumble, we again have the motivation to get up the next step.

Boyhood leads us to go through that dream, with the perspective of a kid brother grew up over the years. There are things to remember, there are things worth forgetting, have fun, be sad, be successful, has to stumble, there are stories of children, the problems of adults. A complex picture but perfect, mounted on each other, easily, with a natural adhesive glue invisible substance that any family would also be.

The film does not show the event, no date, but viewers still see these changes, happenings in life, gentle and enchanting. Mason initially remained a boy you like graffiti on the wall and stalls or chọe with her sister. In the following scene, the audience saw Mason episode where your mouth is, accept the challenge of the forums to become part of the group. Or Mason’s hair is long, his voice breaking, the wrinkles on the face of the mother, etc. The signs are not too obvious but still helped me realize the time still drifts quickly as an absent-minded River.

Skilful and refined, nested on the featured events during the 12 years of adolescence, the typical image make us easily recognizable are standing where in the mold of the time line. We see “pop princess” Britney Spear, we saw the election of u.s. President Barack Obama, we see J.K. Rowling out Harry Potter episode 5, we see Lady Gaga launched her on stage, we see the facebook boom and invaded the young.

Ellar Coltrane in the role of boy Mason had a good role, an expressive face, at first we noticed you took has not been good, very compelling, but gradually everything smoothly over and viewers will soak into the Mason, each happy sad, angry, frustrated by a new big boy. A natural expression, Ellar Coltrane as shown again his life on film.

His character by Ethan Hawke took charge once again prove his form in this film series after series of Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight. He’s not perfect but close to great extent, when always comprehend and giving the right advice. When we make mistakes, don’t take the time to paying yourself, please take the time to fix it, everything will get better a lot and never is too late.

Patricia Arquette in the role of the mother, the mother who is always near to you. The mother also underwent marriage not smoothly. And finally, my mother realized her life nothing precious children, those tears of sadness as Boo, break when parents realize the emptiness and viewers seem to be common also beats her. With how many such emotions, mother picture not perfect but rich in love has to shake the Viewer.

Sister characters in strong, independent type and old age. This is the character string to connect all members of the family together. Especially, the actress Lorelei Linklater also is the Director’s daughter, she has proved to be a very good acting ability. She performed this role, the Center reached, the thought, the new age of embarrassment, frustration, those beliefs … everything through the performances of both Lorelei makes it feel.

Boyhood bring gentle, simple messages, view complete sure many people would have startled because the echo phảng somewhere has his image, silhouette, at crisp, at. The message of the film is too close to normal but not remember and do as “the children always remember the promise that adults often forget” or “Don’t make mistakes too many times with the same error,” “first love is love separation” and “don’t be afraid, please go the path that his passion”. And also many other lessons, go to the movies and feel.

When watching Boyhood, you will feel bored, by the movie climax, no less dramatic. The whole movie is just the simple story, the small debris picked up, regular dialogue. But it is easy to go into people, it makes any real love soaked absorbent one when watching can also tune.

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