Experience of Planting of Marigold

Currently, marigold flowers are growing in popularity. In addition to being used to decorate, to do the scene in the Tet holiday, the flower also has many uses such as chasing insects, livestock feed or make chicken egg yolk more than due to increased concentrations of β-carotene in food for hens. In addition to the above uses, the longer the life span ten thousand flowers are used to make drugs. According to some Oriental medicine, the species of marigolds have a slightly bitter taste, fragrance and cool, the effect is can, except spend, phlegm, could treat dizziness stunned first, conjunctivitis, cough colds, acute trachea, for example, mumps, pertussis, pimples … Also according to the conception of modern pharmacology, the Marigold flower has many pharmacological effects like: anti-inflammatory, sedative, bronchodilator, helps reduce pain and prevent seizures.

How to grow and care of Marigold

1. Seeds:

On the Vietnam market there are now many different flower varieties like patula patula France, van tho Thai mainly is grown is the dwarf marigold flowers and marigold flowers. Dwarf Marigold flower stems, easy to grow and are not fussy about soil, can be grown year-round, flowers to have bright yellow, high trees 45-50 cm, communing development branch but very small flowers and no weight with the leaves. Planting time from when the sow came when flowers bloom for about 55-60 days.
Marigold flowers suitable for high celebration and also are grown year round, high trees from 60-70 cm.

2. Temporary planting:

This is the species of flowers can be grown year round but are growing in popularity to serve in celebration.
Dwarf marigold flowers are planted in early November and late Lunar for about 5/10 to 6/11 every year, the higher the Marigold flower is planted earlier, often planting in late October and Lunar late for 24-25/10 lunar calendar.

3. Sow flower seeds:

-The land used for flower seeding Marigold to be clean and porous soils drain fast. Soil mixture flowers include marigolds were husks ash reduces the salinity, the barn has been brewing and sandy soil or coir mixed all together according to the ratio of 1:1: 1 with a thickness of about 8-10 cm.
-To the room was vibrating and causing disease deep two thugs then before the seed about 2-3 days we are smoking Furadan on the face before sowing, sowing, shallow about 0.2-0.4 cm, and the distance between the sowing seeds is 2.5-3.5 cm long, then we filled up with animal manure and rice husk ash carefully.
-Every day we have to be watered at least twice early in the morning and cool afternoon to keep the soil moist. Can the seed into the soil with plastic bags, and the vote to elect must also be good water drainage.
-After we prepare the land then elected Marigold flower seeds to watering and vote for soil moisture. During this period we should gently watering for trees to not affect the tree.

4. Planting marigolds out baskets or pots:

-After sowing the seeds about 2 weeks (15 to 17 September), then proceed to bring forth Marigold flower growing in pots or baskets. For dwarf patula then the basket or pots with a diameter from 25-30 cm for patula high diameter from 30-35 cm, and note that the pots and baskets planted to ensure good drainage.
-Rate land is similar to the rate when the nursery but the height only in ¼ the height from the bottom. When conducted preparation of pots or baskets are carried into the tree planting, noting that only fill to the cotyledons and just growing cool afternoon.
-In the first 3 days when we just planted irrigated by misting sprays mist before the Sun and then we watered more, every day watering about three times early in the morning, 9-10 and 16-17 h pm. Note When watering if you see too many countries need digging you’re setting up for faster drainage.

5. Health care:

** Manure for the tree:

-After sowing flowers patula is about 9-10 days we should water the compost for fertilizer irrigation, however the tree must be very careful, fecal concentrations are lower than normal. We should mix 5 liters of water into about 400 liters of oil cake clean water and 200 g manure NPK ratio: 16:9. The need to increase the amount of water after the irrigation gear oil to about 6-7 liters of irrigation and separated 10 days.
-After planting out the pots or baskets for about 10 days then we need to proceed first with the tree for fertilizing rate of 10 kg 10 kg animal manure, rice husk Ash has to handle, 1 kg of oil cake and for 7 days then we fed them once when bloom, noted in the times for the second and third fertilizer should we increase the amount of oil cake up 10% compared with the first to increase the possibility of growth and development of plants, from the 4th, then the back of fertilizer according to the rate as top dressing.

** Additional tops for the tree:

– When marigold plant is approximately 35-40 days old, has grown by about 6-7 pairs of leaves and axillary buds are also rising to follow. Therefore, in order to not exceed the tree and the subsequent axillary buds will form and cotton are beautiful, we should press for the plants sprout at this stage, and Notes is only to about 5-6 pairs of buds is king. Time cut sprouts in early 12th lunar month, at the latest on 5 – 10/12 lunar calendar.
– Tree buds from about 40-45 days old, then we should cut back on small buds and leaving the main cotton growing and more beautiful flowers. For this stage, it should be limited much fertilizer.

** Some technical measures dealing with Marigold:

– When the flowers are 45-50 days old, if the flowers bloom earlier than expected, the need for irrigation urea fun of 1g / 1 liter of water, watering 2 times to this prolonged growth period makes flowers bloom assault rate .
– If you see a flower bloom later than it should stop watering about 1-2 days to give the leaves wilt then water again just moist enough, the next day so watered oil cake mix, can be used under the guidance of the KNO 3 production will stimulate flowering.

“Fall in Love on that Summer” – Love has begin from a picture

A mysterious painting, a sheet of wind curtain the colour plate books, unfinished in a single room, which is the first impression that “similarities summer year” bring to readers. The idea here would be a sad book about a love affair si suffering would know, but don’t, can for “equivalent summer year” as the cup lemon juice bars cool in the summer.

People love each other, there are hundreds and hundreds of roads. Nguyen Van Phong Do love also, only through a painting. Among the hundreds of files, just soak up the single-color painting River South, just as the vast sea, she vows only Parking option. Not know accidentally or deliberately that the author to name the two main characters into Life. And in love she is and he is the wind.

Nguyen Van as a cloud of pink, in the morning and more daydreaming. But in this architecture student she has points to love. That’s not artificially frankness, the nature does not regret and even enthusiasm in pursuing his love with forums you lock on. Therefore, the image she wears green dresses pink, filled up the door peeking class you want, has never go straight into the parking lot.
Him as a violent wind, but the wind was not even attached the Bush joke funny or beautiful butterflies. On the contrary, this is a cold wind. He mesmerized in pursuit of the ideal, the drawings and the works, leave behind a lot of girls delusion. However, since the meet Nguyen Van, the wind has stopped.
If Nguyen Van originally is because the painting, because hospitality new term approaching and love you. Then, in the parking lot with the sentiments he always seriously. Hard scene trained to Do the style, strong personality. Already have at want to abandon because could not bring to life as United as the dream for her, but he did not give the Palm to let go.

Maybe sometimes the reader will feel a little resentful rather Do style, because he was always in favour of fast, die for Nguyen Van. She did not know the work you will do, she doesn’t, he will teach you about home, England, to the train station from the previous evening to wait, she is too jealous unjustly with his first love, he patiently explained. Because of her, he is even willing to help his employees bullet. Until effort is getting into a good company, it does not want to leave, he chose to give up, and then, as she pursued her dream, he vows Italy stayed waiting two years to study. One reason is that Maple Park, a park on Maple cold indifference, but when love becomes warm again so public, making people not from that little pain but also secretly admire.

If you expect a love story in private hands, or ends, love life before life then maybe “equivalent summer year” is not for you. Because, between the Nguyen Van and Do the unprecedented third-person Style, also has no enmity ends, but the sweet and it was a vivid picture of the architecture student life, do we experience behind the stroke is both a training process, behind the fist stout was once the divide to li. They together forever.

We also have a summer, just as there are people to stay inside, somebody used the word manifest.Maybe that’s why “summer year equivalent” are also located just behind the notes page book, as a gift for readers. Closed the last chapter, hope you also start to put pen to write few lines about the summer of her own.

Secret of the Heart (Kahlil Gibran) – The look of sympathy on beliefs

“I’m searching for the loneliness” because in it there is life for the spirit, the soul and for the body. I find the endless fields, place the light of the Sun, where the flower auras into the space and the place where the streams singing on the way out to the sea. I explore the mountains, in which I found the wake of spring freshness, longing for summer’s colorful, the ample song of autumn, and winter’s gorgeous mission. I go to remote corners hidden in this land of God because I’m hungry to learn to know the mysteries of the universe and the throne of God. “

Kahlil Gibran’s words had set up the mouth of the hidden character of the storm, the story of the 23 pieces made in his book mystery of this heart. In life, people falling into adversity. One, it is a social creature, could not survive if only rely on yourself. Over the other, it is just as true when there are moments of loneliness to deep look back at ourselves and enjoy the experience of his life. Lonely in this case not doused the sorrow-filled quẽ quạnh Rana that is abundant, a State essential to clearly see the secret hidden in themselves, to themselves and to the area of intake manifold.

Mystery heart with heavy thread on spirituality part two context. One is the Lebanon (Lebanon) in the early 20th century, as a piece of land in Syria, under the control of the Ottoman Empire of Turkey, domestic violence. The Maronite Christian Church, despite joining Roman Catholics and while the minority between a Muslim and Druze leaders Ocean, still constitute the majority of the people like Lebanon, especially in the North, there exists a way of pretending things, compromise. In the primitive condition of the population and to stabilize the colony, foreign Governments sought verses with religious officials and the party become double type of political tools serving for the privileged of some people. The context of her deepening sense of the secular and the supernatural prayer of the main character in Giuhanna Man crazy.

The second context is the United States as a country providing the basic liberties for immigrants. On that land, Gibran thought about his hometown of Lebanon are living in the end, poverty and war.With sentiments boiling one’s Patriot and tub full generosity, he expressed earnest hometown love to almost yelled at the same time, his nation mine laments about the inability of expatriates.

The last part of this anthology have two very good products. One is the processions are we mentioned how in his own destiny poet and processions, but this time, the school’s exam is arranged according to be prose, taking “new form”. Iram, Chengdu two towering columns. This is the outstanding plays in the 1920s by Gibran, talk about a city location idea that each person can only find it when doing the practitioners alone, go into my heart to detect it in a rich spirituality and spiritual harmony to his religion.

The pieces of the mystery heart Gibran written in Arabic Language book many years ago (The Prophet-Prophet) but they show the mysterious Oriental focal point in the author’s language, the Embassy move. We notice a Gibran will become immortal with the rich spirituality, the mind active and transparent market, described by an extremely attractive style.

With the self, our personality shows the range of objective and universal knowledge of Gibran, his conviction about the value of beauty, truth, love and God’s constant. He warned that if every person who does not live with the xiển Ocean efforts inside yourself, or sacred as he said was divine, the human species will sa fade into the shadows of a lack of human civilization, to equate the agent with the victim and confusion between values, etc.

About the religious aspect, the spiritual statements of Gibran reveal what see Datong about beliefs, passionate hearts, resolved to devote to probe and interrogation to where to nowhere, until shatter the ego outside and inner fork appears. And devout liturgy is life where the temple placed between his soul, his body itself.

Tonkin creeper – How to plant it

Tonkin creeper is a type of vine widely cultivated in rural Vietnam. However, if you apply the right way for plainting, Tonkin creeper is also can grow plants right here in the House in the heart of the city. Let’s find out just how to grow it to soon have a beautiful medium sized Tonkin creeper truss can tilevers both houses can be used to cook the delicious food every day.

Tonkin creeper is climbing plants, flowers in the axils of the leaves, the flowers bloom from May to October. This is the preferred humidity, not be correct, if the dry tree will grow barren


Growers can use the remaining bread line segments (not too old nor too young) has a diameter of 7-10 mm made of hom. After that, the need to cut each hom about 1 m, the ash into the two top cuts against plastic flow, dehydration and antiseptic and eventually circled the lower portion need to back 2 the eye above and cultivated.

In addition, the farmers also breed by selecting the line grows near eel, buried sections of the original ground survey, about 15-20 days after the roots will grow much, just cut the separated mother plant is grown can provide. Note: when planting, people should always dig all the soil around the roots, to avoid damage when planted will ensure a higher survival rate.

Prepare the soil for planting and rig

Soil preparation: you should choose the soil mix sand, drainage, irrigation easy location. around the tree and no high mountains obscured. The land should be ploughed up garden beds, Harrow height of 40-50 cm wide, 1, 2 m, 80 cm wide flower beds between the two grooves.

The planting hole should be dug into the middle of the flower beds, between the flower beds arranged planting, tree distance x 3-4 m. The planting hole should be dug about 40 cm deep, wide and long, 0.5-1 m. After that, the plant need to pour feces Christopher stables (as much as) preoccupied with fungicide (Zined or CopperzineZ, …) and a little soil just right, for that mixture down the hole (higher crater 1-2 cm) to 1 week later and proceeded to plant.

The rig was made after land preparation is complete. Growers can do the entire planting area covers truss with a height of 1.6-1.7 m. If there are conditions of capital, she can use the pile is poured concrete, inside there are 3-4 in iron deposit 6. The pile should be buried in rows as tracks between the two flower beds, the distance between the piles 4-5 m, then people can use zinc mixed tension wire horizontal, vertical to rig for vines, the type of rig is quite strong and can be used in a long time.

In addition, farmers can take advantage of the materials available locally, such as: truss made of wood, bamboo, flow, … This truss type using more piles, pile spacing 2-2.5 m, the pile grows as possible (minimum with bamboo stem) then also use zinc mixed tension wire horizontal, vertical, can also use wood, bamboo, horizontal connections along the North flow rig for vines. The outer piles row need to be anchored, against fixed, solid.

Planting flowers to natural justice and caring:

Planting: for the tree is multiplied by the original survey sections sink into the ground to create roots, growers need to conduct separate seeds from the mother plant, dig always both land and planted roots in the planting hole. For seedlings multiplied by the hom, her children should put the part circle of cuttings down land, put 1-2 located above the eyes to the ground and compaction. After planting, the trees need to be watered enough moisture and barrier protection.

Health care: people need to choose the best buds do the wiring for climbing up the rope, poor development rigs should be cut off. The tree must be guaranteed sufficient humidity, when the flood need to target the water right. When the tree is 2 m high climbing, growers need to conduct the fertilizer end in soft diluted 1/20 (1 liter of water mixed with 20 liter nước1) watered the original way 60 cm. When the tree is situated on 30-50 cm, her children new to the tree branch development, actively guide the enclosed truss, avoiding to merge branch the branch wrapped in each other.

When the celestial tree for flowers, farmers need fertilizing complement to the tree. Rhee’s roots are shallow rooted types so when fertilizing don’t need digging disturbance, just widely distributed and then covered with a layer of humus and dried leaves. On average each month, the trees need to be supplemented compost once, about 5-10 kg animal manure + 150 g-100 Christopher NPK (16-16-8) for an original.

Growers can harvest the flowers Rhee when flower buds in bloom near the beam (about 1 day before bloom), should collect the flowers in the early morning, 4 days to harvest. After the harvest is completed, if not yet shipped right away, she should lay flowers out, kept in the dark to limit flowers bloom.

Apricot blossom and the manual guide for planting

Apricot blossom is wearing shades, spring brings traditional new year atmosphere of the people of Vietnam in General and the southern General. Apricot blossom compatible with a hot climate so much cultivated in the southern and southern-central, Western. So the time would we need random bits for Leopard to the tree bloom celebration right?

Apricot blossom has many types such as apricot gold, Apricot and white, Sichuan province, tomorrow. … But most is still the Golden apricot, because easy to grow, easy to care, the flowers back to hundred and beautiful.

If you wanted for blossom to bloom right on New year lunal, You must required to do is random bits of leaves, rather than plucking leaves tomorrow, as you have heard, as if plucking the leaves will not always the flower sprouts Maw are located in leaf axils. Put on it so that leaves at the right time, it can be considered an important work leading to apricot tree can focus development nutrition to popping buds.

Depending on the time of the weather that we random bits of leaf pattern stars for good development. 5 Golden apricot wing type normal people often lẩy leaves Mai on full moon in December. If the December of that year the hot sun or wind down sharply, the Mai will bloom earlier, so to leaves it later than may from 16-20 December. Conversely if the year would end late wet season rains, forecast December more or less cold wind obstacle course, the mai will detonate delay, so are leaves lẩy Mai on full moon day in advance about 10-14 December.


As for the leap year: The apricot trees are planted in the place of good land, good development usually bloom late than the apricot trees planted at the Badlands stunted, thus also leaves earlier than lẩy.

Mai has more than five wings: the Mai has many wings (about 12 wings up) also usually bloom late than like a gold wing 5 days tomorrow, so also must the Mai leaves earlier than lẩy.

Note: When random bits leaves Makana is not holding such as leaf plucking will do crack, with the flower sprouts. Should a small twig handles, hold the left hand make each Tomorrow leaves overturned or hold the leaves pull upwards, leaf will break. Must be triggered off all of the leaves on the trees. After the splendid leaf, stop watering for a few days, then resumed back to normal watering.

The steps of planting and care pattern:
Choosing soils for mai
-Land on the garden, Philippines: apricot tree grow well on the land the mild meat has more organic matter, soil is not acidic, salty not infected or toxic chemicals.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
The application of proper tree planting techniques will bring the beautiful apricot flowers

-Soils in pots: tomorrow need to choose the type of land with properties such as top, mix according to the rate of about 70-80% of the ground and 20-30% organic by weight category Christopher soil in pots.

Fertilizing technique
Mai grown on the grounds, Philippines:
-Trimmed stems: growers should delay apricot tree pruning for up to 20 lunar calendar. Depending on the shape of the tree, the United players should have the appropriate pruning but usually the apricot trees trimmed according to the shape of a pine (on short-to-long cone crops below), normally the branches be pruning away part three.

-Fertilizer: when to plant lining the barn (cattle, rice husk ash, coconut …) has taken over brewing for about 5-10 kg/root, powdered lime around 200-300 g + 100 g 50-root/Unicorn head of Buffalo. The entire amount of this stool is mix well in the pits (or grooves) before planting.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
Fertilizer and soil selection lined is important step in planting techniques

-The feed end: after growing about 10-15 days, the trees started out new roots, use manure NPK 20-20-20 + TE NPK fertilizer, watering to dilute the Republic use from 50-100 gr/10-15 litres of water, about 20-30 days watering once. When mai was great, the amount of fertilizer is also gradually increasing distance and the fertilizing times further. Fertilizer through appropriate land for tomorrow is NPK 20-20-10 + TE or NPK 16-12-8-10 + TE. The amount of fertilizer to about 20-50 gr/root/times, about 1-2 months of fertilizer.

When mai gave United a stable annual need additional fertilizer: manure from 5-10 kg/root. NPK fertilizers using 20-20-10 + TE or NPK 16-12-8-10 + TE fertilizer each year about 3-4 times with the amount of fertilizer as above on the: after the remnants of the flower (after TET), pruning; the beginning of the rainy season; the middle of the rainy season and before mai bloom about 1-1.5 months. Need fertilizing according to niches, according to deep groove between 5-7 cm according to the remnants of the leaves of plants, fertilizer on the root development of immature, then fill in the soil, keep the humidity in the dry season, the descent into the rainy season.

Mai planted in pots
-Mai are brought out as soon as possible, to put the tree where shade for the leaves do not fire when exposed to direct sunlight. Growers should cut off all the flowers to plant nutrient loss not raising a Cup to create the seeds, leaving some leaves.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
Trimmed flowers and leaves is a basic tree planting techniques for a variety of flowers, plants

-Fertilizing: dose can vary from 20-1 for pots/constipation ・a half. With large pots, the apricot tree can feed about 50-80gr/pots. Create grooves around the pots, about 3-5 cm, spread manure on land and grooves, all watered enough moisture. Avoid breaking the roots, plant infection through wounds.If there are conditions, every year at the beginning of the rainy season should change the soil in pots by new porous soil or organic fertilizer supplements has Christopher items, amount of fertilizer from 2-3 kg/pots.

-Use fertilizer leaves: in addition to the use of fertilizers through the soil, fertilizers and have an important role in promoting growth and development, adding the lack of nutrients in the soil, stimulating out roots, the leaves, the flowers according to the will of the people

Review of Ursa (2016) – Novembre

Novembre’s music has always been something special. They were adorned with Doom metal colored gentle touches of gothic romance, a little out of the way of progressive and sometimes a little cruel of melodic death. Waltz Classica two albums and their Novembrine a playlist of my major accounts. And almost 10 years after the most recent album The Blue, Novembre renewed bear back with Ursa. Right from the first notes of the music quiet and gentle as they came rushing back unprecedented separations.

Novembre playing a leisurely, unhurried that seemed lazy indulgence. Doom metal something absolutely no heaviness, fatigue. In contrast, their guitars are always flexible, full color. Tone steadily drifting quiet as the lake waters with ripples, floating. On the music scene that is very special vocals of Carmelo Orlando. Clean voice husky vocals themselves, plastic resin, not necessarily weak, but always felt like the breath whispered very addictive. As always Novembre very cleverly integrated into the material sometimes melodic death blow to add vitality to music regularly, their spread. With Dan Swano standing bugaboo as well known producer from having to say the bass and drums are handled Novembre how subtle. Always make sure and was shining a solid backbone to the album. At the same time the progressive elements of rhythm interrupts release is also done very smoothly. To score higher servant for The Blue and Ursa can say is nearly equivalent Materia.

  • Info Band: Novembre
    Genre: Gothic / Doom
    Album: Ursa
    Year: 2016
    Nation: Italy
  • Track List
    01. Australis 07:37
    02. The Rose 05:30
    03. Umana 05:49
    04. Easter 05:03
    05. 05:50 URSA
    06. Oceans Of Afternoons Jimmy 05:46
    07. Annoluce 06:22
    08. Agathae 09:22
    09. Bremen 06:17
    10. Fin 07:18

“We, The Forlorn” (Myridian) – Ingenious reproduction the standards of Melodic Metal

“Breaking the palm”, “Okera” and now is “Mydirian”. Three band with a lot of similarities. Along came from Melbourn, Australia, same started as independent bands, no label, along with the surprise album do it yourself get all full of excellence. And now together they turn Australia into promising melodic death. One of the most important similarities. That is they carry in themselves the influence of the Scandinavian lands. Breaking of palm leaves are disciples of the Gothenburg sound, Okera is Opeth’s copy. Also Myridian? They are the result of a night of warm salty fellatio between Insomnium, and Swallow The Sun.

“We, The Forlorn” is the album which built according to a formula. Most of the tracks were started by piano or acoustic intro. Melodic death in overwhelming powerful. The rhythm changed abruptly in the middle of the track with acoustic folk ensemble spread and BOOM back to last.

My first impression score is piano. Not only plays the role of intro open cold air, u up for each track that of the height of segment We, The Forlorn, the same keyboard piano still stand up, sometimes portrayed riding up the intense rhythms of the drums and the guitar. Single piano notes, lonely but dramatic piano created more depth for their album, mysterious atmosphere, epic dark gothic strokes a little echo phảng dark.

The second point that is the acoustic guitar. As if anyone Break the leaves of Palm and then make Okera are acknowledging your Pocket suffer quite heavy influence of Opeth in acoustic gameplay. The sound is clear, frigid liquid, which as not playing. Cold, sharp guitar OWL but phảng echo the haunting, ambiguous.

As said above, Insomnium is one of the names most recent influence growing up Myridian. The silver blue, medium sized cold loneliness. Flexible guitar, emotion-rich repeats from slowly, turn the speed up and then broke out in the morning with a full chorus melody falls off as the same flood movement vocalist screamed with all the anger, hurt. Vocalist of Myridian rotation rhythms of art between harsh growls and clean vocals,. In Silent Death comes with the speed of fatigue, depression of harsh voice doom metal vocals screamed with pain-filled screams desperation near the end. Whereas with A Lone Rose along with the speed and music similar to growl vocals create a feeling like a demon rage drunk sleep.

We, The Forlorn not only the dark and the cold of winter the North. There is also the Sun pierces the mountains shine in crystal-clear skies of winter. The track as a acoustic I, Beret or Snowscape paintings painting music with the sound of gentle stretching, hypnosis man as the endless snow fields. Clean vocal fragility, only I could craft such as the lonely human footsteps walked between the majestic nature.

Two epic Desolace and Mourning Tide is the height of the second album, what the essence of Myridian. Snippet of the chorus regularly, wide-eyed as the waves following class override the previous layer, tone out rhythmic movement. Acoustic thỏng sharp drop release ever pitches do the bridge between the climax of more intense than before.

Myridian not create something new. They simply copy the standard way and ingenious material available of the Melodic Doom/Death of Northern Europe. But with all that they do deserve to be folded into the ranks of the special talent of melodic death

Full Album Information

Band: Myridian
Genre: Melodic Doom/Death
Album: We, The Forlorn
Year: 2015
Nation: Australia
Album: We, The Forlorn
Year: 2015
Nation: Australia

01. We, The Forlorn (10:23)
02. Silent Death (06:56)
03. These Weary Bones (feat. Nick Magur) (07:24)
04. A Lone Rose (10:07)
05. I, The Bereft (03:10)
06. Snowscape (08:27)
07. Desolace (09:38)
08. Mourning Tide (12:11)