A noon in the “Two tombs” pine hill (Dalat City)

“A noon in the forest, windy afternoon in a forest in” … it is the first singing musician to compose Hong Van engraved faithful love of young couples tied through two grave hill and lake Sighs – one place, or is mentioned in Dalat.

  Come to the Lake of Sighs (formerly called Lake Suong Mai) in the late afternoon, after the first rains in the wet season where only 2 sunny. Space and landscape resemble cold days this season in the North, while crashing spring grass heavenly fortune. The green grass, after rain droplets deposited on the leaf makes Pushkin’s verse “has no shortage of sunshine back dew glitter” somewhat wrong, where no sun but always seemed to drop water dragon cold.

 The center of Dalat city about 5-6 km but there are residential areas quite close. But here there is something melancholy, everything goes quiet, very affordable for couples. And I’m interested in the stories of other couples, which has many different variants.

 The story of Hill informed the two graves is a true story, just only recently (sorry sir it published unborn child). There was a teacher named Thao – Le Thi Thao (often called teacher Draft), and the warrior (which Vietnam Communist or some doctor called puppet troops) name Tam – Vu Minh Tam, fell in love with each other. At that time not to appear smart phone, iphone names, galyxy S5, lumina no people think. Perhaps the brand Apple, Nokia, Sony people that appear on toilet paper. Therefore the use Viber, Zalo, line, iMessage, FaceTime … is impossible.

  The story is that, with a guy named Tam, students are National Military Academy of the Republic of Vietnam Dalat (now the Army Academy Dalat), schools Tho lake just a short distance. Her mind a familiar and loved arts student named Thao, but few cases can the school, she Thao are quite far from this place. Back then Facebook, yahoo, google not like, so that the inbox, comment, hanguot is impossible. So often he and she agreed to meet up at the foot of the hills dense with VAPOR lake (later Sighs) poetic said. Time brought diamond, she graduated and became a literature teacher at school Bui Thi Xuan. He told the family about her love life, but because he is the only child of a wealthy family, also daughter to date is still uncertain, the whereabouts of his parents disagree because there is “homogamy team”. He began his parents to marry a girl he does not love, because paying hospitality should he marry that girl. Just do not understand why, so that her teacher concealed Thao also know that his wife back home, thinking it was his lovelorn she VAPOR lake, where two people dating lament, wail “Ta This white shirt had the best / Chut this situation please return for another “white mantle left on his ring into the lake and then committed suicide. When he turned his lover knew was lost. He would like to find out the forgotten battlefield, likely has hit the relatives of people who are reading this article, and also relatives (he, father, uncle, brother) of you hit up the injured man. He returned to the unit, and died later (possibly suicidal), and leave the letter wanted to be buried next to her “and he was in the grave next to her appointment as the old Convention.” After the liberation of his parents due to aging should not visit the tomb he was, did exhume him home, where only she and wind tomb.

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