6 wild food but full of charisma in Highlands (6 món ăn hoang dã nhưng đầy sức hút ở Tây Nguyên)

Hotpot forest leaf served as dish poverty of Ede also called to be made from at least 40 types of leaves with many different uses.
Besides the beauty of the waterfalls muddy water in the rainy season, the vast upland dry monsoon, to Highland, tourists can explore the forest domain of mountain cuisine with dishes simple 6, characterized Wild and charismatic.

Hotpot forest leaf

Each dish is a poverty of ethnic Ede, far hotpot leaf specialty forest became distant entertain. This dish like soup stuff mixed with all kinds of forest leaves, so initially it is often not very attractive for tourists.
Pungent taste of fresh leaves, accompanied by little sweetness of spices that visitors can not forget this rustic dish. Photo: Tingialai.

However, the guests experienced by this dish must nodding praise and recognize its taste very special. Hotpot leaves dark forest is not necessarily sweet nor aromatic style that gently poignant. It looks like the taste of the jungle had seeped into every leaf, brought specially for the dish.
Pot dishes are usually served with steamed pork and forest some daily dish of Ede people.

Chicken sa fire

As the name, chicken sa fire made visitors feel happiness. Chicken is selected from animal breeds of ethnic minorities or forest chicken meat so tough, sweet and fragrant. After cleaning, the chicken is marinated with spices mixture including granular salt, green pepper, add a little lemon in about an hour and then clamp on bamboo sticks with lemon leaves, give up the grill until golden and shining outside.
Rice bamboo

Rice, made from glutinous rice raw material is shifting, not grilled directly on the fire that buried under layers of ash coals until it turns blue tube sicken scorched. This rustic dishes for centuries was that visitors often passionate and enjoy every opportunity had to.
Of rice, mountain cuisine, refined sweetness of cool stream in and the fragrance of bamboo. Photo: tinfood.

Bitter Coffee

How bitter processing are varied, may salt, grilled or cooked with seafood, meat … If you like bitter salt is simple dish with spicy shredded tongue when grilled peppers pound has particularly tasty. At first, the bitterness of coffee can make you grimace upset, but in return, aroma, and have very fleshy taste very strong hook. Gradually, you will feel the residual sweetness remains where the tongue of this dish.

If cooking with meat, seafood or dishes must accompany many green peppers and chopped guise leaves into his mouth when you eat, you will feel the crisp taste of meat fat, bitter taste of coffee, the leaves are fleshy guise. Eat a piece of bitter, spicy hear stormed up nose, soaked in sweet taste bitter, then that is when you feel the clarity characteristic of Highland cuisine.
If the North with eggplant, tomato bowl of central, southern grilled eggplant is Highland boasts delicacies from bitter – a specialty only in the mountains.

Is called

Salad leaf raw materials are quite complex, include more than 40 different kinds of leaves with the public health improvement as buds sesame, cucumber land, rubies, wealth … and served with spicy bacon, fried shrimp , sliced ​​pork skin mixed with hearing and sauce made from grain, duck eggs, pepper …

When you eat, you get the book into a funnel-shaped leaves, the meat in the middle and then put in a bowl of thick liquid. Chan Area acrid, slightly sweet, sour, the spicy, blended with fat fleshy meat, shrimp makes extremely interesting guests.
Sour, spicy, fragrant aroma, concentration concentration … is the special flavor of this dish. Photo: dulichtaynguyen.


This is a seductive dishes with intense guests arriving Highlands region. Rare things that achieves softness meat, tasty and fresh as venison. Also, dishes from uncommon materials also very rich as grilled, stir-fried, dipped in vinegar, Tripe soup deer suffering …

These people often choose like dragging dried deer marinated enough soy sauce, lemongrass, salt, sugar, chilli and five-spice powder white sesame are cooked on charcoal and then gradually with a knife until soft. If you enjoy sitting around with family and friends can choose dishes grilled moose. Status pieces of fresh venison, spiced available for up kitchen, a bite, hot food take-out right there with sliced ​​ginger pieces are consolidated.

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