Four of famous vegetarian restaurants in Dalat

Many travelers, when travel Dalat, less space between noisy and slow pace of life away, finding a gentle style cuisine with vegetables in vegetarian dishes as well as a way to closer nature, enhance health care during the holidays. Come with 4 famous vegetarian restaurants in Da Lat to feel things out!

1. Vegetarian Restaurant Dai Loc
Vegetarian food habits have become popular with everyone, not just those who follow religious beliefs or perform new weight loss vegetarian, but everyone irrespective of age or gender are vegetarians can choose as a method to prevent illness, keep fit, longevity and many vegetarian concept to pure soul, peace … .Can confirmed that vegetarian food Full give people full basic nutrients, including carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Dai Loc vegetarian restaurant with real guide to more than 200 vegetarian, due to processing of professional chefs, to give to the guests the nutritious food, exquisite.

Restaurants open space, quiet and clean. Friendly staff, heat tinh.Co spacious courtyard parking, safe and convenient for the customers look to enjoy the exquisite cuisine of the restaurant.
Address: 272B, Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2, Da Lat
SDT: 0633 556 557
2. From Hanh Vegetarian Restaurant
From vegetarian restaurant located at 9B Hanh Hoang Van Thu street, welcome every day between 100 and 150 diners. In the restaurant’s menu, vegetarian dishes is both rustic definition has no shortage of unique dishes. The food as reminiscent of salty country: Braised vegetables, mushrooms pasture, banana soup beans, fried tofu chao, soy tofu warehouse north … The world of vegetarian cuisine more varied and no shortage of food for the meal of the day: soup carrots, baby corn soup, salad cane, vermicelli salad, grilled vegetables, capsicum stuffed mushrooms, assorted hot pot and rice types …
Address: 9B Hoang Van Thu – Dalat
Phone: 063 3561 463
3. Vegetarian Restaurants Nichiren
Nichiren vegetarian restaurant with quiet atmosphere and very strange decor, elegant and beautiful, attentive service from the staff and the food delicious and tasty and unusual dishes. Especially with spring rolls, rice bowl and soup Status shower, eat a lanla remember forever.

Address: 17 Huynh Thuc Khang Street – Ward 4 – Tp. Da Lat
Phone: 0633821126 / Fax: 0633540006

4. Green Living Vegetarian Restaurant
Green Living Vegetarian restaurant located right in the city center so it is very easy to find. You can come Lot A9 Shanghai to enjoy vegetarian dishes here.

Spaces elegant, gently from furniture layout will give you a sense of serenity, tranquility and incredible. Green Living Lent with a team of chefs and waiters work so your enthusiasm will get comfortable here. Diners can choose their own private space for dining. There are private dining table fit in 2 floors with the number of people who eat as table 4, table 6 people, …
In addition to the selection of dishes from the breakfast to snacks like soup, salad, rice, stir-fries, stock, broth, soup, mixed salad, tofu, … you can also set the menu according to taste select your own or mushroom soup with affordable prices. Green Living Lent also serves drinks characteristic of Dalat as wine, fruit juice, …

Address: Lot A9 Shanghai Rooftop

Phone: (063) 3833712 – 530 063. 3702

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