Apricot blossom and the manual guide for planting

Apricot blossom is wearing shades, spring brings traditional new year atmosphere of the people of Vietnam in General and the southern General. Apricot blossom compatible with a hot climate so much cultivated in the southern and southern-central, Western. So the time would we need random bits for Leopard to the tree bloom celebration right?

Apricot blossom has many types such as apricot gold, Apricot and white, Sichuan province, tomorrow. … But most is still the Golden apricot, because easy to grow, easy to care, the flowers back to hundred and beautiful.

If you wanted for blossom to bloom right on New year lunal, You must required to do is random bits of leaves, rather than plucking leaves tomorrow, as you have heard, as if plucking the leaves will not always the flower sprouts Maw are located in leaf axils. Put on it so that leaves at the right time, it can be considered an important work leading to apricot tree can focus development nutrition to popping buds.

Depending on the time of the weather that we random bits of leaf pattern stars for good development. 5 Golden apricot wing type normal people often lẩy leaves Mai on full moon in December. If the December of that year the hot sun or wind down sharply, the Mai will bloom earlier, so to leaves it later than may from 16-20 December. Conversely if the year would end late wet season rains, forecast December more or less cold wind obstacle course, the mai will detonate delay, so are leaves lẩy Mai on full moon day in advance about 10-14 December.


As for the leap year: The apricot trees are planted in the place of good land, good development usually bloom late than the apricot trees planted at the Badlands stunted, thus also leaves earlier than lẩy.

Mai has more than five wings: the Mai has many wings (about 12 wings up) also usually bloom late than like a gold wing 5 days tomorrow, so also must the Mai leaves earlier than lẩy.

Note: When random bits leaves Makana is not holding such as leaf plucking will do crack, with the flower sprouts. Should a small twig handles, hold the left hand make each Tomorrow leaves overturned or hold the leaves pull upwards, leaf will break. Must be triggered off all of the leaves on the trees. After the splendid leaf, stop watering for a few days, then resumed back to normal watering.

The steps of planting and care pattern:
Choosing soils for mai
-Land on the garden, Philippines: apricot tree grow well on the land the mild meat has more organic matter, soil is not acidic, salty not infected or toxic chemicals.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
The application of proper tree planting techniques will bring the beautiful apricot flowers

-Soils in pots: tomorrow need to choose the type of land with properties such as top, mix according to the rate of about 70-80% of the ground and 20-30% organic by weight category Christopher soil in pots.

Fertilizing technique
Mai grown on the grounds, Philippines:
-Trimmed stems: growers should delay apricot tree pruning for up to 20 lunar calendar. Depending on the shape of the tree, the United players should have the appropriate pruning but usually the apricot trees trimmed according to the shape of a pine (on short-to-long cone crops below), normally the branches be pruning away part three.

-Fertilizer: when to plant lining the barn (cattle, rice husk ash, coconut …) has taken over brewing for about 5-10 kg/root, powdered lime around 200-300 g + 100 g 50-root/Unicorn head of Buffalo. The entire amount of this stool is mix well in the pits (or grooves) before planting.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
Fertilizer and soil selection lined is important step in planting techniques

-The feed end: after growing about 10-15 days, the trees started out new roots, use manure NPK 20-20-20 + TE NPK fertilizer, watering to dilute the Republic use from 50-100 gr/10-15 litres of water, about 20-30 days watering once. When mai was great, the amount of fertilizer is also gradually increasing distance and the fertilizing times further. Fertilizer through appropriate land for tomorrow is NPK 20-20-10 + TE or NPK 16-12-8-10 + TE. The amount of fertilizer to about 20-50 gr/root/times, about 1-2 months of fertilizer.

When mai gave United a stable annual need additional fertilizer: manure from 5-10 kg/root. NPK fertilizers using 20-20-10 + TE or NPK 16-12-8-10 + TE fertilizer each year about 3-4 times with the amount of fertilizer as above on the: after the remnants of the flower (after TET), pruning; the beginning of the rainy season; the middle of the rainy season and before mai bloom about 1-1.5 months. Need fertilizing according to niches, according to deep groove between 5-7 cm according to the remnants of the leaves of plants, fertilizer on the root development of immature, then fill in the soil, keep the humidity in the dry season, the descent into the rainy season.

Mai planted in pots
-Mai are brought out as soon as possible, to put the tree where shade for the leaves do not fire when exposed to direct sunlight. Growers should cut off all the flowers to plant nutrient loss not raising a Cup to create the seeds, leaving some leaves.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
Trimmed flowers and leaves is a basic tree planting techniques for a variety of flowers, plants

-Fertilizing: dose can vary from 20-1 for pots/constipation ・a half. With large pots, the apricot tree can feed about 50-80gr/pots. Create grooves around the pots, about 3-5 cm, spread manure on land and grooves, all watered enough moisture. Avoid breaking the roots, plant infection through wounds.If there are conditions, every year at the beginning of the rainy season should change the soil in pots by new porous soil or organic fertilizer supplements has Christopher items, amount of fertilizer from 2-3 kg/pots.

-Use fertilizer leaves: in addition to the use of fertilizers through the soil, fertilizers and have an important role in promoting growth and development, adding the lack of nutrients in the soil, stimulating out roots, the leaves, the flowers according to the will of the people

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