“2046” – Memory and identity in love

After more than four years delayed, “2046” is a serial drama previous successful work of Wong Kar Wai titled In the Mood for Love is also a chance to debut in 2004. 2046 is the story of a writer’s farewell in 2046 to return to the past. about Hong Kong in the sixties he continued to write to earn a livelihood, write to survive, to live for the future in 2046 and commemorate the past. Thanks inspiration derived from the life around him, the woman he met and observed. the novel structure with a mixture of real and imaginary, disarray among the people living in the 60s amid mutiny and the prospect of a life in 2046.

2046 is a film about beauty, but beauty is often subtle implications sad memories. So viewers can call in 2046 is a beautiful sadness of love.

A song titled Memories

Regardless carry on their status, the character of Wong Kar Wai’s films are obsessed with the past. People in 2046 had its own concerns and torment, thereby creating insecurities unending. They bring in their persistent questions about love: he loves me not, she loves me not, I’ll go after him instead, stay with me tonight for me … but absolutely no answers error. No answer because not want to admit. No reply so as to not hurt, and no simple answer because … not love. Each question as a pin prick characters cut into hearts, to dull the pain from that, they swim upstream to look to the past, rummaging in the tangle of his memories of the beloved comedy. The question is more, but there is only one answer: silence. And they stuck in that silence, which is also the origin of journey to find memories.

Do not give up the past, they always are the birds do not have feet in despair threw perturbed sky to forget, in the words of Lulu when prompted about her dearest lover. Do not give up the past, they are always lagging, embracing the images of memories though never be able to rebuild. They like boxes perennial memories, remembering the look, and pain.

In a movie I do not remember the title, there is a very dialogue coinciding with the 2046 theme: “She said the root problem is men’s memories. No past, every day is a new beginning. “

If no memory will have no bearing number 2046 train passengers about the past. Without memory, humans only have a one-way journey to the future translational, playful and full of optimism, hope. But often a heavy heart because of what has passed: Tinh Van ever used interminable, never definitively been desperate for the love of the Japanese guy, she loved him but never dared to oppose him; Mo Van Chau writer looking woman forget the body, but how he can forget the image of the newspaper Le Tran, who he loves but can not be achieved; Japanese guy on the train she fell in love fiction ro-bot girls have the same shape with the girl he loves, he never meant to escape the tentacles of memories. On the journey to find their own identity, they make memories – an adhesive binding the past and the future. Whether in time of life, which is still the most haunting their memories.

Memories play an important role in Wong Kar Wai’s films and is expressed through the most advanced level of emotional character. The love is not meeting expectations, dreams and hopes of those who are asking to be dissuaded or distorted … all ingeniously portrayed through professional acting, emotional well-known cast. Although still often compared to In The Mood brother For Love earlier, but high achievement in 2046 is still an independent masterpiece deserves to be remembered and rewarded by director Wong Kar Wai.

Soundtrack masterpiece

Rare musical film that is used skillfully and virtuosity as in 2046. Because consuming more time to refine the soundtrack to the new movie to four years to reach the audience. Every film, every situation, movements of the characters seem more sexy because of the music. 20 songs are arranged neatly and used throughout the film, creating accents in the emotional evolution of the characters. Most prominent is the group’s instrumental Adagio Secret Garden was re-iterate several times in the film.

Music seems to have become an indispensable way of reinforcing Wong Kar Wai film, which has been tested from the previous film In The Mood For Love is. In 2046, many popular music used as Siboney, Sway, Julien Et Barbara, The Chrismast song, Polonaise, Perfidia, Lost, Adagio, Decision … the audience can not help sobbing and quiver passionate melodies . Music was integrated into the scene very reasonable, creates a pleasant space, quiet but well laden thinking ability. The lyrical notes portraying restless mood, anxiety, torment of those who are in love, concern for love. Viloin earnest voice and spread of the rumba Maintheme 2046 brings a calm atmosphere, beautiful but also many wonderful mood problems who are wracked by love. Have to say, music is one of the decisive factors affecting the success of the film.

Technical virtuosity montage

Cinematography used in 2046 is also a significant factor table. Wong Kar Wai typically use static lens, remote corner of the machine, do not close, often obscured by objects feels like viewers to peek into the world of the characters, standing outside watching every situation, the reach their feelings with an objective eye. Angle panoramic but well-hidden that suggests eagerness and curiosity where the audience, make them want to lift the veil covering to clairvoyance in mood, feelings of the characters, understand emotional mind. Characters are sometimes driven to a narrow angle as Tinh Van smoking scenes on the hotel terrace, or obscured as Boi Linh scene stood listening to the phone … All are very natural progression, as if the characters are are free in their own airspace.

Wong Kar Wai’s film easy to make viewers think of the cinematic masterpieces of Yasujiro Ozu Japanese director. Similarities here that every frame is beautiful painting entitled, as a product from embryonic art cinema and painting. All are beautiful and vague sadness, a sadness cinema makes people want it penetrates into the heart by little.

Sophisticated emotions, more melancholy of the characters are created under the angles and slow rhythm as dreams, multifaceted colors, subtle as step out from the surrealist painting, music earnest, agonized been integrated correctly with inner character. All are refined magic hands of director Wong Kar Wai, contribute to a thoughtful look, but brilliant for 2046.

We often look to the future with fresh thinking, but few look to the past and illuminates the past, things have made ourselves today. In an interview, Wong Kar Wai analogy the former nostalgic past in 2046 as a metaphor for Hong Kong where he was born mantra-. 2046 is an innovative film based on numbers and promises.

In 1997, the Chinese government promised that in the next 50 years Hong Kong will not change when Britain returned Hong Kong, and 2046 is the time limit for termination of that promise. Wong Kar Wai is living in the present but at the same time to the future aspirations and glanced past, Hong Kong in memory of his beautiful and wondrous as well as in the movies, but in the future it will change the lie? His film is the way to preserve the memory of his own home, he always wants the city was always nice as what he confided through the language of cinema.

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